Getting Into Coffee and Introducing: COFFEE CLUB

Tea, coffee, wine, beer, scotch, cheese, chocolate – these worlds are much more closely related than one might suppose. For those of you interested, this series of coffee will be mighty. It comes from one of the most passionate, knowledgeable, devoted, and talented baristas I’ve encountered. Check him out.

Coffee & Junk

One of my favourite customers of all time was a middle-aged woman. She ordered an espresso and proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes talking to me about coffee. She had apparently just found out that you can “get into coffee just like you can get into wine.” I recommended roasters she should look into, and shops around Toronto that would push her all the way into the rabbit hole.

She never came back, at least not while I was working. I like to imagine that she’s started roasting at home, and spends most of her free time hunched over her Chemex with a pocket scale, a pipet, and a digital refractometer.

But it made me realize that a lot of people probably don’t realize how passionate (see: insane) people get about coffee. I mean, until a few years ago, I thought it was just old people and construction…

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