I am Lazarus, Come From the Dead.

Hello, my lovelies.

Just letting you know that I’m still around and about.

“Where have you been for the past two years?” you may be asking yourself. The short story is, I’ve taken a trip to busy town! (Okay, that was lame, I’m sorry.) Specifically, I have been honing my control of the written word; devoting nearly all of my time to writing and reading.

I think it’s finally time to give an online presence an honest, good effort again. If you liked what I wrote in the past, and thought I was interesting, I am inviting I just want to let you guys note that I have a new flagship: eliotgilbert.com. It’s the home of my author platform. In addition, I now have a twitter, an instagram, and a goodreads. Church of Tea is now dead, and I have no plans to continue it in the immediate future.

I loved keeping in contact with many of you, so I hope we can keep on following each other’s thoughts and online presences.

Good to see you guys again.


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