Recommended Tea Dealers

Camellia Sinensis This shop is run by four taster-importers, meaning the owners fly around the world, taste tea, and bring it back to their shop to sell. Each of them has their own specialty: Indian tea, Chinese tea, Taiwanese tea, and Japanese tea. They have been doing this for twenty years and really know what’s what. I have tasted some of their tea, and it has been some of the best tea I’ve had on the market. They also have some gorgeous tea ware. Highly recommended.

Seven Cups: They specialize in Chinese tea. Exceptional variety and some nice high-quality tea at pretty decent prices.

Capital Tea: They specialize in single origin and single estate teas. They are honest about what you’re getting, and they are one of the few dealers I’ve encountered who can tell you exactly where and when they’ve got their product. I asked the owner what time in the season a particular Darjeeling was plucked, and he was actually able to tell me. It seems small, but that is uncommon. They care about tea.

House of TeaWonderful tea shop which specializes in Indian teas.


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